➡️ Our own is a call to build a society that will nurture and thrive on values of equity, empathy, productivity, economic empowerment, social justice, Infrastructural development, and environmental sustainability.

➡️ The formation of a good Edo State that shall embeds qualities of equity in its fabric, as well as justice, integrity, accountability, respect for the citizens, and environmental sustainability, as both end goals and guiding principles.

➡️ Hon. Felix Ehiguese Godsent AKHABUE, aka JOEFEL will bridge the gap between the leadership and the led, between the old and the young, between Genders, and between the Good, the Urgly, and the Bad in the society as everyone would be carried along the rebuilding of a sustainable social-development, security, educational, and progressive society.



⬇️ #Joefel4EdoGovernor2024

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